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You are looking at a photo montage of the Gustav Holst Entrance to Imperial Gardens in Cheltenham, a section of railings reinstatement being undertaken by Friends of Imperial Square Heritage and Conservation (FISHAC).

This illustration explains that the iconic Imperial Gardens in the centre of Cheltenham have recently regained some extra grandeur with the reinstatement of two special sections of railings, a part of which is shown in the photo below.


Following generous support from local residents, a number of local businesses, grant organisations and local fund raising the entrance to the east side of the Gardens and a section adjacent to the Town Hall on the north side have been reinstated.

This has all been possible because of the enthusiasm of FISHAC.   Established as a charity some five years ago the desire has been to recover and repair the Heritage and Conservation assets in Imperial Square and Gardens.

The initial objective is to restore the ornamental railings and entrances, which are such a feature of Cheltenham, around Imperial Gardens. These were removed in 1940 as part of the War effort. The original plinths on which the railings are mounted still exist.

The work has been undertaken through the considerable support of Cheltenham Borough Council Green Space Department and the installation has been carried out by Ironwork Contractors in accordance with planning permission.

These features provide a meaningful and impressive representation of how the railings would have looked before removal – a sense of how it was, while continuing to retain the open aspect of the Gardens.

A future section of the restoration project will be to reinstate the Gustav Holst (main entrance) to the Gardens from The Promenade. This again will be to the original specification and include the two stone pillars either side surmounted by globe lanterns and a section of iron railings either side.

The impressive montage, which is an exact replica of the original, has been graphically illustrated by one of the Friends’ members.

Bob Keevil, Chairman of FISHAC, said: “The Friends are very proud of what they have achieved and this latest section of reinstatement will be equally impressive.

“We consider this to be a People’s Initiative and the favourable comments we have received so far are really encouraging.”

This latest work will restore the impressive main entrance to Imperial Gardens and the Town Hall and at the same time will provide a magnificent frame to the Holst Statue and Fountain.

FISHAC are extremely grateful to all those who have supported this work to help conserve and enhance this beautiful Square and Gardens.

If any individual, benefactor or organisation wishes to support this restoration project then please get in touch. The email address is – info@fishac.org

FISHAC is the Charity (Charity No. 1143665, Company Registered in England No. 7639324 and registered at 18, Imperial Square, Cheltenham, Glos, GL50 1QZ) which was founded by the parent group – Friends of Imperial Square and Gardens (FISG).

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