All About Us

In June 1940, the railings surrounding Imperial Gardens were scrapped and recycled as armaments for the war effort as were both cannons from the Sebastopol Memorial (in front of the Queen’s Hotel) – only one of the original two gun pedestals now remain.

Friends of Imperial Square and Gardens

(FISG) was formed in 2007 by Cheltonians to protect the floral grandeur and amenity of Imperial Gardens, and from this group, Friends of Imperial Square Heritage and Conservation (FISHAC) was established in 2011 as a Registered Charity to raise funds to reinstate and repair the heritage and conservation assets in Imperial Square and Gardens.

The Trustees of FISHAC work in partnership with all stakeholders in this ‘people’s project’ to protect and further enhance the appearance, use and amenity of Imperial Square and Gardens. The Trustees are not paid in any way, and work on a pro bono basis for this community initiative.

The current appeal is raising funds to reinstate the railings lost to the war effort and the Trustees have made donations to cover the Charity’s initial costs and overheads. The Trustees are extremely grateful to the Charity’s supporters, who also donate their time, facilities, products and professional expertise to the Appeal, ensuring that the Charity’s direct costs are extremely low.

FISHAC’s proposals formed part of the 2011 Public Consultation on the Cheltenham Borough Council’s re-design of the landscape and infrastructure of this Town Centre Pleasure Garden.